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Seriously, ask us anything

If you’re interested in hiring Transom for your project, or just have questions, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

216 Alaskan Way S
Seattle WA 98104
By Appointment Only
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Interested in working for us?

Transom aspires to be made of detail-oriented, creative people who take initiative and have a good time. We are currently seeking:

  • Front-End Developer - We're looking for a contractor front-end developer to assist with building sites. We'll need you to have high-level CSS, HTML, JS skills, and good Git and code repository habits. Familiarity with responsive grids (Foundation, namely) and experience with Craft CMS and Shopify are huge plusses. We almost certainly won't need your Wordpress skills.
  • Experienced Server Administrator - you're comfortable working with Plesk, managing server resources, putting out fires, and are patient with folks who might not know quite so much as you. You're willing to walk people through setting up their mail on Google Apps, or making sure SSL certificates are properly installed.

If you're interested in working with us, or if you're interested in an internship, please send your CV and portfolio to Just for funsies, include a youtube clip of your favorite scene from a movie.

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