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Let’s be honest, this page is basically for our parents.

Transom is a creative agency in Seattle Washington. Founded in 2012, it focuses on creating brands and visual identities, creating compelling stories to cultivate those brands, and designing and building websites that tell those stories. We also do quite a bit of stuff in between. If it needs to be designed, we can probably do it, and with over 30 years of branding, design, & development experience, it’s likely we already have.

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The Space

Tucked under the viaduct.

Transom is located in the historic OK Hotel building in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood. Much like an empty white board, the space is an open canvas for great ideas and serious meditation. The cabinets are full of cheetos, bourbon and wine and the fridge is full of Rainier (and more wine). We look forward to the view that will surely come when Bertha has done her job and the viaduct comes crumbling down. For now, we enjoy watching the weather roll into the city, want to know if it's going to rain? We can tell you.

part 3.a

The Staff

  • Andrew Means

    Owner, Creative Director

    Andrew Means has been designing professionally since 1998. He ran his freelance studio Réunion for six years before co-founding Transom in 2012. A veritable Seattle cliché, he spends his spare time riding his bike, occasionally DJing, working (and occasionally sailing) on his boat.

  • Joshua Pease

    Lead Developer

    Joshua Pease leads Transom's development arm, making sure the websites Transom builds are usable, robust, memorable experiences. When he's not building websites he plays drums, drinks scotch, and generally lives a life most lesser men can only dream of.

  • Tim Householter


    Tim grew up in a small town in Idaho in the way that all idahoians do, skiing in the winter and spending time on the lake in the summer. He studied graphic design at Montana State University where he learned to enjoy clean typography, a modern aesthetic, and creating lasting impressions with his designs. In his spare time you will find Tim exploring the outdoors and different areas of Seattle and the Northwest. Transom happily scooped Tim right out of a well known program right here in Seattle and couldn't be happier about it.
  • Andrea Ehrlich


    With a background in English and marketing, Andrea has created copy for everything from airline magazines to zoo websites. She is passionate about writing compelling content and loves the constant quest for the Right Word. She can often be found biking around the Sound or furrowing a brow over the New York Times crossword - ink pen and craft beer in hand.