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Let’s be honest, this page is basically for our parents.

Transom is a creative agency in Seattle Washington. Founded in 2013, it focuses on creating brands and visual identities, creating compelling stories to cultivate those brands, and designing and building websites that tell those stories. We also do quite a bit of stuff in between. If it needs to be designed, we can probably do it, and with over 30 years of branding, design, & development experience, it’s likely we already have.

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The Space

Work With Us

We're currently hiring a Lead Developer - someone with 4+ years experience building beautiful, engaging, interactive websites. Send your resume to

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The Staff

  • Andrew Means

    Owner, Creative Director

    Andrew Means has been designing professionally since 1998. He ran his design studio Réunion

    from 2006 until co-founding Transom in 2013. A veritable Seattle cliché, he spends his spare time DJing, riding his bike, and sailing on his boat.

  • Liz Phung


    Originally from Seattle, previously in Beijing, now back in Seattle with a lot of travel in between, Elizabeth likes an adventure. She's a multi-faceted designer and photographer as comfortable photographing in the grasslands of Mongolia as she is designing pasta packaging in Italy. When not traveling, she's helping others create meaningful and lasting stories from their own adventures.
  • Lukas Upton


    Lukas enjoys creating creating accessible and engaging user experiences for the web using the latest web standards as well as optimizing for efficiency and performance with custom build systems. He recently returned to the United States after 4 years living in Japan. Before that he started his own cookie shop on Oahu, in Hawaii.

  • Greg Stewart


    Greg Stewart has a knack for building innovative code systems that both empower and make life easier for Transom's clients. When he's not saving the day through code, he lives in Austin with his family.

  • John Masterson

    Server Admin

    John Masterson remembers installing Netscape from floppy disks while he still had his UNIX account at the University of Montana. At the nadir of the dot-com implosion, he started an internet infrastructure company that he sold in 2012. He now lives in Truth or Consequences, NM brewing beer and helping Transom with "server stuff".