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part 2.a

The Process

Our first and most important job is to sit down, let go of our expectations1, and just listen to you. We’ll ask about your long term goals and short term challenges, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Because invariably woven into what keeps you up at night and what gives you tears of joy will be your greatest strengths. We’re good at what we do, but to succeed we need to know you.

1. When you’re good at what you do it’s easy to carry assumptions into any situation. It takes a discipline of humility to remind ourselves to let go of those assumptions and truly hear our clients.


part 2.b

Let’s assess the terrain: what is the unique topography of your company’s strength and passion? And what happens when it intersects with your customers’ hopes, fears, and desires?2 We’ll help you recognize that relationship and how we can create powerful, accurate marketing through it.

2. Your customers probably don’t need what you sell. They want what you sell because of how it makes them feel. Good branding and good marketing is ultimately about telling a story about how a product will make someone feel.


part 2.c

Understanding the unique interplay between you and your customer helps us create a story that resonates. Combining copy, photography, illustration, and video we construct a true story3 that connects the unique strengths of your company with the people you want to reach.

3. The best marketing is truthful marketing. Lying to people might make temporary customers, but not repeat ones.

Design & Build.

part 2.d

Laying all this groundwork gives us clarity in the design phase. We don’t get bogged down in endless rounds of revisions, because every design choice can be traced back to a specific emotional experience we’re trying to create for a particular audience. It frees us up to think of creative ways to communicate4 your story, so it looks and feels like no-one else’s.

4. Having a clear story to tell actually leads to some of the most creative ways to tell it. With Lite Brite Neon we wanted to show their artistry and weirdness, so we designed a site that felt like an electro-sun-cult. It was fun.


part 2.e

Building a fire is just the first step, keeping it burning takes intention and dedication. When we complete a project we stay engaged5 to make sure the work we’ve done for you keeps on working.

5. When was the last time you checked your analytics? Transom’s quarterly or bi-yearly checkups help to monitor for problems, perform upgrades, and keep your identity or website fresh.